About us

Message from CEO

Landscaping is a vocation.
If you seriously work on the landscaping work, the earth will be lighten up.

In the modern society, advances in various industrial intellectual technologies have led to global developments in technology and economy, and the lives of mankind have greatly improved. However, on the other hand, natural destruction and air pollution have advanced, and in recent years global warming has become a critical situation. People’s awareness of the environment has also changed dramatically. In the first place, we must understand that nature continues to protect humanity no matter how the environment fluctuates.

In other words, we should think that “human beings are kept alive by nature”. We believe that the “landscaping” work that we have been operating since its founding is to create a rich living environment for all living things by combining water, soil and greenery. We are now reaffirming the weight of the steps we have accumulated every day. We believe in this possibility simple and honestly that we can do because of Inaji Landscaping.

We look forward to your continued support and guidance in the future.

CEO Kazuhiko Inaji